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Magnus || He/Him || I am, and forever will be, very nervous

I still don't have a grasp on how to use social media like a regular average human. Also, it's 2 pm, I've done nothing but put makeup on, and it feels like nap time.

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my librarians room in animal crossing

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i deserve to live in a forest in perfect solitude, in tune with the life around me

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I don't know where the HC that the vagabond has an affinity for plants came from, but it has stuck with me forever.

My icon is technically already subtle pride, my pastel pan flag colour mush in the background. But I wanna make another one. I'm also right in the middle of exams. So I'm really contemplating if I should really drop everything and make a new icon anyways.

I doubt I'll be posting much art or writing in the coming bit of time since studying for exams takes priority. But, it also means I've been stress baking. So look forward to some subpar baked goods

Uni is kicking my butt and I've just been procrastinating with the sims instead of making things. Got exams coming up and I'm not looking forward to it.

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trans rights are human rights

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New blog new me. Let's see how much better I am at posting here.